HIV Prevention Programmes

Youth Programme: AAHT uses a skills-based HIV prevention education through a curriculum-based youth Peer and Life Skills Education. The aim is to inoculate young people with life skills to avoid unhealthy and risky behaviors affecting their safety and well-being; and

and also this programme reinforces the protective influence of parents, clergy and other primary caregivers by familiarising them with the Peer Education and Life Skills curricula and encouraging them to discuss sexual matters with children to reinforce the life-saving messages contained in the programmes.

Parent Programme: The intervention curriculum focuses on raising parent awareness about the sexual risks teens face today, encouraging general parenting practices that increase the likelihood that children will not engage in risky sexual behaviors and improving parent’s ability to effectively communicate with their children about sexuality and sexual risk reduction.

To help parents anticipate the issues their children will soon be facing; and develop their skills to discuss those topics, thus paving way for parents to share their values

Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Programme

Our Programme focus on OVC has a model that focus on building communities’ capacity to care for their children – in line with government’s directive. The provision of services (counselling, education, care and support for orphans and other vulnerable children) is a key aspect of the national and provincial response; so too with AAHT OVC programmes.

The programme provides the following services:

Psychological Care Support:  direct support from student social workers, auxiliary social workers and other qualified care workers. Assistance with bereavement process through memory work and Joygym (laughter therapy

Child Protection Interventions: Child abuse prevention and early intervention strategies with primary care givers. Support child or youth-headed households and/or households with chronically ill parents;

Healthcare Support: Referrals to clinics, day hospitals, hospitals for general health such as immunization and routine check-ups as needs arise

Household Economic Strengthening: Social Assistance, to families caring for OVC in application for foster care grants and other social grant by referring families to SASSA. Facilitate debate on families regarding succession planning, and inheritance claims for households.

Educational Support: AAHT Establishes and run educational support programme by providing aftercare services, that is, support with homework and studies, exam preparation, enrolment of children, monitoring of school attendance and performance/progress, career information sessions with secondary learners.

Home Based Care Programmes

Our Home Based Care Givers conducts home visits to frail patients weekly under the supervision of their site managers. These visits include bed-bathing, assistance to patients who cannot walk to local clinics/hospitals, ensure that patients take their medication properly.

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