Art from Southern Africa

On Friday evening, May 22nd, the Anglican AIDS & Healthcare Trust (AAHT) embarked on a new, fund-raising enterprise.   AAHT opened an exhibition of Southern African Art that ran through 3 July.  This was made possible by a most generous gift of art from Mrs. Gail Dörje of The Cape Gallery and augmented by additional gifts of art from many artists themselves.  AAHT’s CEO, welcomed the guests and opened the exhibition; Mrs. Thabisa Vili introduced the artists; and Ms. Musa Njoko shared her personal experience with HIV and AIDS and then entertained everyone with her music.

 The purpose of this fund-raising exhibition was to draw attention to the HIV and AIDS pandemic; to give artists a venue to channel their support for our programs; to contribute to reducing/eliminating the stigma associated with AIDS; and raising funds to further our work ameliorating the impact of AIDS on individuals and communities.

 The exhibition included works owned by AAHT and some on consignment from the artists.  The exhibition presented AAHT with an opportunity to use its office building, a lovely converted Sir Herbert Baker home, in a new and powerful way.   It provided a new and valuable venue for emerging artistic talent and recognized artists to introduce their works to a different audience and, at the same time, felt like a most appropriate use of the resources with which we have been blessed.

 The fund-raising results have been encouraging and the feedback so very positive that AAHT is planning to host another exhibition toward the end of the year.  To make this more successful, AAHT would like to expand its invitation list to include representatives of corporations, as well as individuals, who buy/collect art.  If you are interested in receiving an invitation to the next exhibition or know people who would be, please contact us on +2721 763 1300  or email us at

Tula Tula - Gary Frier

One of the works, Tula Tula by Gary Frier, symbolizes the strong caring for the weak and vulnerable. The work has been loaned to AAHT as a visual representation of AAHT’s and the church’s commitment to reducing the scourge of AIDS.  Come visit AAHT and see this “signature piece” in our entry hall

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  1. Chris M says:

    This is a fantastic initiative – there is so much talent in South Africa when it comes to art in Southern African countries that still needs to be discovered.

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